Professor Yannick Huot
Yannick Huot is the chairholder of the Canada Research Chair in Earth Observation and Phytoplankton Ecophysiology. He is a professor in the Département de géomatique appliquée at the Université de Sherbrooke. He is also the Director of the Centre for Research and Applications in Remote Sensing (CARTEL).


Gabriel Constantin
Gabriel Constantin is a Masters student working on the monitoring and remote sensing of cyanobacteria in lakes. He is co-supervised by Norman T. O'Neill and Guy Létourneau.


Jennifer Marie-Rose Vandenhecke
Jennifer Marie-Rose Vandenhecke is a post-doctoral fellow working on the effects of photoadaptation and photoacclimation on the chlorophyll fluorescence emission.


Audrey Barnett
Audrey Barnett interprets and processes FRRF data (co-funded by Doug Campbell at Mount-Allison) and she develops high yield photobioreactors for the production of microalgal biomass (a partnership with Biocardel).


Maxime Fradette
Maxime Fradette is an undergraduate research fellow working on the interpretation of Sun-induced fluorescence. His work involves linking in situ measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence and Sun-induced fluorescence with remotely measured estimates at the BOUSSOLE mooring.


Mariette Lambert
Mariette Lambert is the senior research assistant in our Environmental Analysis Laboratory. She specializes in the application and development of chemical and biological analyses of natural samples of water and soils. In particular, she has been involved in the validation of remote sensing algorithms.


Bruno Courtemanche
Bruno Courtemanche is a Masters student working on the remote sensing of ocean color and the identification of biogeochemical oceanic provinces.


Carina Poulin
Carina Poulin is a Masters student working on cyanobacteria ecophysiology and light pollution. She is co-supervised by Marie-Hélène Laprise at the CEGEP de Sherbrooke.


Marc-André Faucher
Marc-André is a Masters student working on the interaction of growth irradiance and Sun-induced fluorescence quantum yield.



Anahid Kasbarian
Anahid is a Masters student working on a database system to receive and distribute the data from our lake profiling system.



Flavien Samson
Flavien Samson was a visiting Masters student from France who completed a summer internship in our lab on remote sensing algorithms to estimate biologically weighted water transparency in the ocean.


Jessie Mercier
Jessie is a CEGEP research fellow who was working with Audrey Barnett on the sampling and data acquisition from our algal bioreactors. She was also developing working on algal strain isolation.


We enjoy collaborative work and have a strong focus on student training. We encourage anyone insterested in working or studying with us to contact Professor Yannick Huot.


Rosalie Parent
Rosalie was a research assistant who helped the group with culture work and the preparation of field deployments.